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FHA Review Project

ValuFinders performs quality desktop reviews of HUD REO and FHA Pre-Foreclosure Sale appraisals.   The review is to insure the reported value in the original appraisal is credible, that the REO appraisal took into consideration any issue identified in the Property Condition Report, adherence to HUD and USPAP guidelines, identifying appraisals where the value is not supported, or where appraisers who are prone to errors and insuring the quality of the report. 

On a daily basis, the original REO appraisal, appraisal review –REO-PFS, if applicable PCR and supporting documentation is available to HUD staff in the on-line information system with real time access for download.  

The posted report is a single pdf consisting of the appraisal report, property condition report, review form and any other documentation the reviewer uploads. 

All review reports are deliverable on the ValuFinders secure online information system.


For more information contact us at 800-649-6680


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