At ValuFinders, we bring you the industry’s most reliable and comprehensive suite of valuation and collateral risk solutions, backed by the most trusted network of certified and/or FHA approved appraisers. Combining this in-depth expertise with our state-of-the-art technology, we provide proven and reliable real estate valuation and collateral risk solutions and services, including automated valuation models (AVMs), random appraiser selection, quality control reviews, inspections, collateral assessments, electronic ordering, tracking, managing and technology services to major corporations, and government agencies throughout the nation.

STANDARD RESIDENTIAL APPRAISAL PRODUCTS: The following reports are completed by certified and/or FHA approved appraisers. All of the reports are utilized for mortgage lending, acceptable to the secondary market. These products are compliant with all relevant Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice ('USPAP") guidelines. These products are defined by their scope of work and use Extraordinary Assumptions (as defined by USPAP) for the subject and comparable sales to determine market value as allowed by USPAP.

Property Type Form Number Description Sample Report
Single Family Residence 1004 Standard appraisal for a single family home
2055 Exterior-only appraisal for single family home
1007 Rent Survey for a single family property.
Condominium (single unit) 1073 Standard appraisal for a single condominium unit
1075 Exterior-only appraisal for single condominium unit
Duplex, Triplex, Fourplex 1025 Standard appraisal for a multi-unit property with 4 units or less
Supplemental Forms 1004D Updates the market data on an existing appraisal
216 Operating Income Statement
Review Desk Review Independent review of an existing appraisal using public data. This is a desktop review.

Independent review of an existing appraisal using public data as well as viewing the home and comparables (exterior only).

ValuGrade Automated review of existing appraisal. 1800+ automated rules
ValuScore Desk review specifically designed to ascertain risks factors of appraisal. Risk score included.
ValuCompare Value Reconciliation between two different value sources (i.e. Appraisal, BPO, AVM)
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